Gone to DogStar… but never forgotten

August 23, 2008

I am the Doglady at Gone to DogStar. Some dozen years ago, I started posting free memorials online and have hand-coded over 4,500 DogStars (at our old Gone to DogStar site). I’ve got a lot of experience – five of my own best friends have Gone to DogStar (see The Five Stages of Dog Grief on the left).

Notices & updates about the site are posted on the left. I will also compile a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page soon. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

The question I am asked most often is why did I start the Gone to DogStar pages. That’s what I will try to answer next.


8 Responses to “Gone to DogStar… but never forgotten”

  1. I love the new site.

  2. Nancy Cmela Says:

    I love the fact that I was able to do this for my sweet friend. He was more than just a pet. I am still having alot of sadness over losing him. I will forever be thankful that I could do this.

  3. Kerry Says:

    Dear Doglady, We lost our doggie in 2002, I still think of her a lot and it was nice to find that after all this time, her name and memorial post were still out there shining brightly…THANKS FOR HOSTING THIS SITE!!!

  4. gonetodogstar Says:

    Kerry, thanks for your comment. I’m glad the stars are a comfort.

  5. To the awesome lady who created GoneToDogStar.com
    You have truly helped a lot of sad grieving pet owners who have lost a beloved family member . You have opened your heart to the world by creating a unique memorable beautiful place that offers pure serenity . I found this site 2 years ago when the site itself was being reconstructed and updated , i hung in there and patiently waited – as if something was telling me to wait – And now because of your hard work and huge generosity , i – like many others , have finally been able to put my dearly departed dogs – “PUPPY PYTHON and COUGAR JOE” – to rest … up in the stars.
    THANKYOU GoneToDogStar.com
    Because of you my pets memories can be kept alive and shared with the rest of the world and i can look to the stars to see my dearly beloved still shining and twinkling .

  6. Rick Says:

    Thank you for having this available.
    It has me cope with a very difficult task, saying a final goodbye to my beloved Elvis.

  7. Terri Says:

    Thanks for having this site. A lot of people don’t understand what we are going thru it’s nice to know I am not the only one out there feeling so sad.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you so much for making this site available. I have been so depressed since my dog Joey passed away, and I really haven’t been able to talk to anyone or share how I am feeling with anyone except for my husband. I just feel like he was here with us for 13 years, and now he’s gone and since he’s just a dog we’re expected to go on like it’s business as usual, but I can’t stop thinking about him. Thank you for understanding and for keeping his memory alive.

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