DogStar Notices & Updates

This is where any updates about the website,, will appear.

The biggest news, of couse, is the new site. There will be bugs to work through and I appreciate your patience while we work them out.


5 Responses to “DogStar Notices & Updates”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Thanks so much, your website really helped me come to terms with losing my very much loved dog. I found the site the day after he got put to sleep and writing out my little tribute to Cujo really helped. I couldn’t get my feelings out by talking so by typing out my message to Cujo has made a huge diffrence. My partner thought i was bottling everything up, which i was. He got some inner peace my reading what i had typed. It’s still hurting like crazy but its only day 3 without him, hopefully time will heal a shattered heart 🙂 xx

  2. Gina Says:

    Just lost my Bella on April 16th. She had chronic Kidney failure, unknown cause she was only 3and 1/2. This was the hardest loss of all my dogs because she was so young and had to Euthanized to avoid suffering anymore. She was a great dog/child, perfect in everyway. Beautiful Shih tsu/ We were so close and now I have no one to talk,walk or share my day with.

  3. To the awesome lady who created
    You have truly helped a lot of sad grieving pet owners who have lost a beloved family member . You have opened your heart to the world by creating a unique memorable beautiful place that offers pure serenity.
    I found this site 2 years ago when the site itself was being reconstructed and updated , I hung in there and patiently waited , as if something was telling me to wait – And now because of your hard work and huge generosity , i – like many others , have finally been able to put my dearly departed dogs – “PUPPY PYTHON and COUGAR JOE” – to rest …. up in the stars
    THANKYOU GoneToDogStar.
    Because of you my pets memories can be kept alive and shared with the rest of the world
    and I can look to the stars to see my dearly beloved still shining and twinkling .

  4. jennifer Says:

    I lost a dear friend today, he was always there at the door everyday I came home from work and always there every morning I would be having a cup of coffee. he was 16 years old and holds such a piece of my heart. He went peacefully to dog star in his sleep and know that he is always shining down on us. I will truly miss my best friend and know when the time is right we will meet again. Thank you for your website it was nice to make a tribute for one of God’s Angels.

  5. Sharon Says:

    Thank you so much to this site. I lost my beautiful German Shepherd Keira on 15th Nov, she had to be put to sleep after battling Lymphosarcoma She was only 7.5 years old. She was and always will be everything to me. I miss her so much, It is nice to have somewhere to write things down and seeing I am not only one that feels totally empty and struggling to cope without my girl. x

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